Poi | Plates | Fans | Hoops | Double Staves

SPINJA embraces her performance art background; creative art in general is a life-long passion. It began with oodles of doodles, sketches and drawings to visual design and crafting, from her tap and jazz dance training, to assistant instructor and choreographed routines. Currently, she fuses over ten years dance experience, with her creative lifestyle to include various prop manipulations. The exploration within the vast flow arts, its mediums, and expressive styles has led to participation in many festivals, performances, and workshops in our community and through western Canada.

Motivated to advance her technical knowledge in poi mastery and many flow art related props; she includes animation to communicate diverse flow art knowledge in her practice to inspire, encourage diversity, and spark imaginations. With this passion, high-energy, charismatic repartee she influences and wishes to expand the importance of circus flow art culture to all ages.

Performing Acts

Spinja is Canada’s first certified SpinPoi Instructor. With a passion for entertaining, Spinja is known for her Plate spinning, poi & Clowning antics.


    • Iso Hoops
    • Poi
    • Snakes
    • Fans
    • Double staff
    • Palm Candles
    • Crown
    • Umbrella


  • Hoops
  • Poi
  • Fans
  • Pixel Whip
  • Spinning Plates
  • Isis Wings
  • Bird Wings