Fire Acts

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Insured fire acts to heat up any evening.

Our indoor and outdoor fire performances are sure to wow your crowd. With over 25 years of combined experience wowing crowds with our death-defying stunts, you can feel confident you’re getting the most spectacular and safest show around.

At every show, we keep our safety 3rd in mind:

  1. Safety of the audience
  2. Safety of the venue
  3. Safety of the performer

 * As all fire shows (indoor and outdoor) require safety permits – advance booking time is needed for proper safety arrangements.


Props & Costumes

Fire Props

  • Hoops
  • Poi
  • Fans
  • Double Staffs
  • Dragon Staff
  • Fire Eating
  • Palm Candles
  • Crowns
  • Umbrellas

Fire Safe Costumes

  • Classic Black & White Circus 
  • All Black & gold fringe leather harness
  • White fire-safe hooded dresses


Yes… It’s real fire.