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Why So Salty?

Bringing the flavor, from soup to nuts! 

MIND-BLOWING Performances  

Corporate & Private Events Worldwide, Film & TV, Concerts, and More… 

Indoor and Outdoor friendly Shows 

Choreographed Performances (Stage-Style) One Big Show 

Ambience (Roving Characters and/or Background Performances) over Several Hours 

Customized Performances and Costuming 


Professional Artists, Production, Design, and Safety 

All of our dancers and performers were selected based on safety records and training to be on our Professional Team. When you book with us, you know you are receiving the best performers that collaborate on a daily basis. We are Insured and have great relationships with Fire Safety Teams. We make sure your show will be safe from beginning to end. Not sure you have room for a fire show? Need advice on planning a fire show for your corporate party? Ask us! We help in all the event planning needs free of charge.  

Creative shows for ALL events

Our Shows include multiple Acts and Props. For example, our Female Dancers are skilled in over 15 different Performance Acts! Ask us what we recommend for your Fire Performance, and share with us your requirements; we work with you to find the perfect Customized Costuming for your Events. 

We have a vast repertoire of Skills and Props both in LED and Fire: Poi, Snakes, Palm Candles, Torches, Hoops, Staves, Fans, Dragon Staff, Fire Eating, Rope Dart, Flame Throwers, Pyrotechnics, and More. 

Hoop Dancer – Fire Bender – Hula Hoops 

Our Hoop Dancers combine acrobatics with hula hoops for a professional hoop dance act. Our Dancers perform with 1, 2, and even 3 flaming fire hoops at once! Our Fire Hoop Dancers are advanced level and can also be combined with our LED Light Show. Advanced hula hoop dancers are a favorite at corporate events and private parties. 

Poi Spinning – Fire Bender – Poi Artist 

Fire Poi looks like great balls of fire on two tethers spun in geometric patterns around the body, illusions are endless. We also play with fire snakes that are full fire choice.  Our LED graphics are programmable for any imagery requests, promote your company and/or sponsors today. An advanced Poi Spinner is hard to find and we have several on our Team.    

Staff Spinning – Fire Spinners – Staff Artist 

Fire Staff Spinning is one of the fast Fire Props that we have – our performers are also skilled in Contact Fire Staff, Double Staff, and the hardest variation, Dragon Staff.   

Fire Fans – Fire Spinners – Flow Fan Artist 

One of our most fiery shows is our Fire Fans. Performed best by The Salty Circus ladies, our Fire Fans are large and in charge. This prop brings the heat to any event, definitely a ‘fan’ favorite!


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