Fans | Hoops | Stilts | Fire Eating

Dagger is a multi-prop circus artist performing with The Salty Circus crew in Saskatoon Saskatchewan! Performing with a wide range of props such as Hoops, Fans, Poi, Double staff, Dragon staff, Levitation wand and Rope Dart – and bold fire props like large umbrellas, and crowns – Dagger brings a performance that is sure to be remembered. Dagger has been attending aerial classes at Fly studios for the past year and is excited to include this in her performing career in the near future. As a designer & artist by profession – her favorite part of performing is creating incredible costumes that will make you do a double-take- Her unique and captivating Stilt characters that tower above the crowd are guaranteed to put a smile on any face.

While Dagger hails from Saskatchewan originally, she started her flow art journey in Edmonton Alberta, before making her way to Ontario for a few years, and returning to her prairie home at the beginning of the pandemic. She has been fortunate to share her art at countless events and festivals across Canada and perform in the great circle for 4 years in a row at burning man, with the New Model Circus Army and Crimson Fire.

Performing Acts

Dagger is a skilled multi-prop performer specializing in multi-hoops, stilt walking, and fire-eating. 


    • Single & Multi Hoops
    • Poi
    • Fans
    • Fire eating
    • Double staff
    • Dragon Staff
    • Rope Dart
    • Palm Candles
    • Crown
    • Umbrella



  • Single & Multi Hoops
  • Mini Hoops
  • Poi
  • Fans
  • buugeng
  • Pixel Whip
  • Spinning Plates
  • Isis Wings
  • Bird Wings