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From animated roving characters, to interactive coorporate stage shows, The Salty Circus has a show for every occasion.

Fire Shows

The hottest show in town.

Our specialty insured fire artists are here to make your event extra spectacular. From indoor to outdoor, and ambient to stage – we have a fire show for every audience. 

LED Shows

The Brightest show in town.

Let there be light at your next party with the salty squad – from LED characters delighting your guests to circus style stage shows – You’ll be the talk of the town after your guests get a load of us!

Roving & Stilting

The silliest and tallest characters in town.

Our animated characters are a delight wherever they go! Be it cowgirls or aliens – the salty squad has characters for every type of event!

Classes & Workshops

The Funnest events in town.

Be it plates, poi or hoops, The Salty Circus has a class fit for every age! Come get captivated by a new challenge and learn your next new party trick with us!


Our Performers

 Our skilled and captivating performers will bring a spark to any occasion.